Senior Process Engineer – material and production technology

Do you find it very interesting to work on integrating new sustainable materials and processes into production equipment, where you get to work with ‘new to the world’ technologies? Are you motivated by working in a focused project group where you have a lot of influence and the opportunity to apply your technical expertise across multiple technology areas? Then the role at VELUX in Brædstrup will be your next natural career step.

At the VELUX Group, our mission involves comprehending, evaluating, and integrating innovative, cutting-edge material technologies into our forthcoming products. Our overarching goal is to deliver value to customers and meet our sustainability objectives, all while upholding our market-leading status. To achieve this goal, in this role, you will work on introducing new materials, processes, and production technologies. The process begins in R&D, and your team will then take over the task of building prototype lines to prepare it for large-scale production.

We invite you to seize the opportunity to become a part of this endeavour in the role of Senior Process Engineer. In this position, you will play a vital role in ensuring the enduring significance, sustainability, and competitive edge of our products.

Your Challenges

You will, reporting to a director responsible for Technology Development, work in a highly international team comprising chemists, physicists, engineers, and laboratory technicians. Together, your team is responsible for moving promising ideas from R&D into prototype lines and eventually into full-scale production at our international factories. Since many of our technologies and processes are new, in this role, you will work on maturing materials and production technologies. This means that you will be involved in conducting tests at the prototype level, performing debugging tasks, and generally helping to solve challenges as they arise. You will have various contacts within our organization, ranging from specialists in your own team, procurement, manufacturing, and product development to external machine builders who provide mechanical and technical production equipment.

More specifically, you will:

  • Mature new sustainable material and production technologies
  • Transfer new process and production technologies to other factories and departments
  • Collaboratively specify and purchase equipment
  • Be hands-on in lab and prototype environments

You will be successful in this role if, together with your team, you solve the challenges that arise when working with new technologies for production. Furthermore, it is also a highly independent role where you should find it challenging to work on tasks where everything is new and untested.

You should expect approx. 25 days of travelling per year.

Your Qualifications

You likely have an engineering background, where you have worked for several years on implementing new technologies into production equipment. However, you could also have a vocational education as an electrician or automation technician, where you have dealt with debugging issues on production equipment. But what both paths into this job have in common is that you can combine knowledge in materials such as polymers, glass, and metal with production technologies such as extrusion, laser, furnace, vacuum, and molding.

Your inquisitive mindset and hands-on approach drive you to actively pursue knowledge, particularly when working alongside your experienced operator colleagues who are introducing new production technology. Your curiosity leads you to explore the intricacies of our diverse tools and machines, and your proficiency in data analysis, practical problem-solving, and a deep understanding of processes allows you to identify opportunities for improvement and the development of new processes. Additionally, your reputation for attentive listening underscores your commitment to seeking solutions through collaboration and meaningful dialogue.

Your opportunities

In your role as the new Senior Process Engineer, you will have the exciting opportunity to initiate a significant transformation from the very beginning, focusing on a strategically important project that aims to revolutionize how we identify opportunities for optimization. To accomplish this, you will have access to a complete prototype production line and multiple state-of-the-art testing laboratories.

We don’t expect you to be familiar with all the intricacies of our tools and processes prior to joining our team, as they are specific to our industry. Instead, we are enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and experience with you, allowing you to grow into your role.

You will be a valuable part of a dedicated team known for its informal atmosphere and a good sense of humor, all working together cohesively to achieve our innovative objectives. We firmly believe in empowering individuals and support this through knowledge sharing, delegation of responsibilities, and investing in those who are passionate about making a positive impact.

Application and contact

Read more about the VELUX Group at, where you can also learn more about working at our company and what to expect in our recruitment process.

The application and selection process will be done in collaboration with Brinch & Partners. If you would like to know more about this opportunity and the VELUX Group, please feel free to contact Partner Henrik Smit by telephone +45 2215 2787. In order to apply for the job, use the “Apply for the job” option above. We look forward to receiving your application and CV as soon as possible.

All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

Henrik Smit

+45 2215 2787