Struers is the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment, consumables, and services for metallographic examinations. With subsidiaries and offices in 24 countries and a presence in 50 countries worldwide, Struers is a growing international company. Struers has close customer relationships established worldwide with leading industrial companies, prestigious universities, and respected research institutions. You will become a part of our Danish headquarters in Ballerup, where we have 200+ employees. Struers takes pride in delivering high-quality solutions while working in an informal environment. For the headquarters in Ballerup, we are seeking a new:

Project Manager Engineering – with potential for team management

Do you want to work at the intersection of production, R&D, and Product Management, where you will have a wide range of interactions with many stakeholders? And do you want to make your mark on tasks and have a significant influence in a busy everyday life, where you also have ample opportunity to contribute to improving processes and tools? Then the role as Project Manager Consumables in Global Engineering at Struers could be your next natural career step.

You will be working closely with two other colleagues as a team, where together you are responsible for ensuring safety, quality, and costs in Struers’ large portfolio of consumable products throughout their lifecycle. In close collaboration with departments such as R&D and production, you will work on change requests, improve existing solutions, find replacements, test and document new solutions with the aim of enhancing quality and cost-effectiveness.

You will assume a leading role, overseeing internal and supplier activities for projects related to quality, cost, and product/process enhancement. You will also lead LEAN events alongside colleagues and ensure the organized planning, validation, and execution of consumables design and recipes changes.

Another crucial aspect of your role is to drive small and large projects in Engineering, where you are involved from the beginning in creating business cases, scoping the project, crafting concept descriptions, and defining project success criteria. Additionally, you will clarify resources and ensure progress in the project.

Some other tasks include:

  • Support in the operations of daily consumables production lines and contributing to R&D projects while implementing enhancements.
  • Establishing robust connections throughout the organization.
  • Addressing Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) by collaboratively identifying underlying causes with input from customers, service teams, and the R&D department. This includes proposing solutions to challenges while upholding safety and top-notch quality.
  • Determining the most suitable course of action for managing supplier modifications and addressing obsolescence concerns for products currently in production.

You will succeed in this role if you can contribute to creating an overview of the team’s prioritized tasks/projects – thereby ensuring transparency and cost reduction. If you can also elevate teamwork to an even higher level, you will naturally be a choice candidate for the team lead position.

Your Experience and Skills

You likely currently hold a similar role as a Project Manager or Manufacturing Engineer, overseeing minor projects within a fully integrated value chain of a manufacturing company. You possess a minimum of 3-5 years of experience working in an Engineering function that supports production, and you might also have experience with LEAN methodologies, which are integral to Struers’ toolkit. Your educational background as an engineer equips you with the necessary technical understanding in either chemistry or production. Having worked with quality and design for manufacturing would be advantageous.

As an individual, you exhibit strong situational awareness, enabling you to navigate a bustling production environment and ensure optimal operations. Your adept prioritization skills allow you to efficiently allocate tasks and resources to meet deadlines. We value employees who show initiative and proactivity. You are analytical and data-driven, skilled at identifying opportunities for process enhancements and streamlining production processes. A skilled communicator, you excel at conveying solutions rooted in structured problem-solving and root cause analysis.

Why is this position attractive?

Struers is a market-leading global company, financially sound and resilient with strong ownership. You’ll have the opportunity to work for a global manufacturing company, where you can influence and develop your part of the organization. You will hold a broad and significant role in a company undergoing change, and leading the team could be your next natural step within this role.


If you want to learn more about the position and Struers, feel free to contact Partner Henrik Smit at +45 2215 2787. We do not have an application deadline and accept applications as long as the role is posted.

If this is the right next step in your career, please click ‘Apply’ as soon as possible. All inquiries will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Henrik Smit

+45 2215 2787