Senior Contract Manager for leading solar development company

Become responsible for contract management activities in Denmark for a Copenhagen based Solar Developer under rapid expansion in Europe and US.

Would you like to help secure the change to renewable energy on major projects within green tech solutions for GreenGo Energy, a preferred service provider among institutional investors, infrastructure, and renewable energy funds? If yes, then this job might be your next position

Greengo Energy drive a value chain consisting of project origination (select and negotiate the lease or the acquisition of suitable lands), development (obtaining the relevant approvals and permits for construction), offtake, engineering, procurement, construction management, O&M and asset management services for utility scale solar parks.

Your primary role will be to prepare and contribute to the negotiation of the lease and purchase agreements with landowners, ensure their compliance during the construction phase and, potentially, the asset management phase. Besides, you will manage the contracts executed with our Investment Partners (DSAs, EPCMAs) during the development and construction phase of the projects and you will be the main interface with our external legal advisors, and you will lead a small in-house team within GreenGo Energy.

Your work will be related to several aspects of the projects new and existing, spanning from securing land (Site Control) to the Financial Close and start of Construction, and until the Commercial Operation Dates (COD) are reached. You will be involved in contract drafting, contract negotiations & contract amendments with landowners, contractors, suppliers, and Investment Partners. Your daily tasks and responsibilities count to:

  • Be strongly involved from the first stages of the project origination process until the end of the project development, and you will have an active leading role in ensuring that projects are secured and managed diligently from a legal perspective
  • Create Project SPVs
  • Execute Land lease, Land Purchase Agreements, Local community compensation agreements, Power of Attorneys
  • Register of land rights in the Land register
  • Be the legal interface to the Project Origination Team (Land Developers), Project Development Managers, Supply Chain and EPC Managers
  • Be involved with GreenGo management in Investment Partners relations and negotiations on existing and new SPAs and executed Development Service Agreements (DSAs)
  • Be involved in drafting and negotiating Construction Management Agreements (CMA), EPC agreements (EPCA), Equipment Supplier Agreements (ESA) and EPCMA terms and conditions
  • Secure best practices and track-keeping of legal responsibilities undertaken by GreenGo Energy & our clients
  • Team-lead a small team of legal analysts within GreenGo Energy
  • Work closely with management especially the COO and Directors

You will also be responsible for track-keeping of the obligations undertaken by project SPVs under legal contracts, financial or material, and are expected to use or improve the tools already existing in GreenGo Energy. You will be involved in all other aspects regarding legal responsibilities that comes with the position.

You will have the assistance of our Legal Analysts assigned to the preparation of those agreements.

You report to the Vice President, Development, Denmark.

Experienced contract Lawyer

You have a Master in Commercial Law and have at least 8-10 years of experience as Lawyer or Attorney, working with contracts within Renewable Energy Industry, Construction & Infrastructure or Real Estate / Real Estate development. This experience is preferably being derived both working in a Law Firm and also having industry experience.

As part of your professional career, you have been directly involved in contract execution & negotiations & legal counselling to upper management in organisations. Your negotiation skills have been key to the success for achieving the best position for your respective company represented.

You are used to strong decision making, short or long term, in relation to negotiations with many different stakeholders and you can quickly identify the stakes for all parties involved in any negotiation.

On top of this, it is a plus if you some financial understanding for large scale renewable energy projects especially in PV technology and the drivers in the industry.

As a person, you are structured and can plan and organize your work in an effective way. You have strong communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills, and you can adjust to different situations and audiences. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are rigorous, autonomous, agile, and a decision maker who can work hands-on when required.

Furthermore, you are robust and thrive in a fast-changing environment, where you keep focus on the target and the client.

You have a strong command of both written and spoken Danish and English and you are proficient with MS Excel, MS Project, MS PowerPoint, and MS Office Suite.

The position will be based at the HQ in Vedbæk, Denmark.

About GreenGo Energy Group:
GreenGo’s 360 full services business model includes origination, development, engineering, construction, operations & maintenance and asset management services for project investors, our clients, tailored to the client’s needs and investment profile.

Strategic focus is transaction models that keep solar assets off balance sheet through early stage transactions in the project development cycle and, in this process, secures full cycle financing from our clients.

This differentiated partnership model with clients lowers GreenGo’s overall risk profile and ensures a highly scalable growth platform, as the funding needs over own balance sheet are limited. GreenGo revenue streams are created by milestone fee payments throughout the development and construction cycle and through the clients funding GreenGo’s internal development costs and overheads.

Typically, GreenGo develops through a 250-1,500 MWp portfolio approach per portfolio transaction, ensuring scale, diversification of risk and investment size fit for the our clients. Investor commitments through this portfolio approach are generally between EUR 150m and EUR 900m.

GreenGo has more than 7GWp of solar and storage projects in various stages of development in selected U.S. states and Northern Europe, of which more than 2GWp has achieved full cycle financing through partnership agreements.


The culture can be characterized as informal yet ambitious with a strong will to succeed and an ability to execute. Together with an agile and entrepreneurial mindset, these traits have been key elements in GreenGo Energy’s success along with a strong commercial outlook. All employees are expected to take responsibility and lead efforts to completion. Furthermore, GreenGo has the ability to act quickly and take on profitable business opportunities in a creative way. Moreover, as part of an entrepreneurial and very dynamic organization, it is key to be self-motivated, self-driven and hands-on.

The future

The paradigm going forward is the subsidy fee solar and storage solutions, zero subsidy solutions that do not rely on government subsidies or incentives. Furthermore, to tab into the massively increasing appetite in renewable assets among institutional investors, i.e. infrastructure funds, renewable funds, pension funds etc.

This zero subsidy paradigm, essential for developing a sustainable and fully scalable growth platform, is well aligned with GreenGo’s highly scalable business model. We believe that we are at the right place at the right time, and that we have the experience, the platform and track record to tab into this opportunity at significant scale. Geographic expansion is focused on Northern Europe and South/East US mid-term, going deep where we go in.

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Application and contact
The application and selection process will be done in collaboration with Brinch & Partners. If you would like to know more about this opportunity and GreenGo Energy Group A/S, please feel free to contact Partner Arne Kyed by phone +45 2970 2031 or by email:

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