The GreenPact initiative is established between different academic and commercial stakeholders from DTU, including PreSeed Ventures, DTU Skylab, DTU Entrepreneurship, and DTU Science Park.

Do you want to be at the forefront of Denmark’s most ambitious ClimateTech initiative?

The world is asking for positive change, both for the climate, the environment, people, and society. One thing is to have the intention of contributing positively to the world – quite another is to ensure that action is put behind the words.

Parts of the technology and competencies already exist at the universities and the industry. Thus, we need to find and awaken them. We combine strong technical and commercial competencies to create Denmark’s most ambitious ClimateTech initiative – GreenPact. Starting as a pilot at DTU, the vision behind the GreenPact initiative is to make Denmark the leading green startup “hub” in the world. GreenPact is thus a rallying point for finding new technologies, ideas, and talents, and giving them the proper means and opportunities to become a commercial success that can create a climate-positive change for the world.

As Programme Director for this new and ambitious project, you will get a unique opportunity to work in the areas between a blooming technological world and the commercial – with a focus on new technologies, partnerships, and the business models needed to create the foundation for future ClimateTech startups.

Programme Director

In the position as Programme Director, you will be part of an exciting and dynamic environment, where the focus on new technologies, startups and financing is paramount. If you understand people, technology trends and raising capital, you need to read extra carefully here!

You will have a central and independent role in creating the foundation for an ambitious and lasting ClimateTech initiative that aims to increase the number of startups from universities. Besides having a strong and dedicated team to help you, you will also work closely with both commercial and technology partners on the project. You will take a vital role in ensuring gearing of the funding by a multiple factor through partnerships.

You will play a central role in the development of GreenPact – and later in the operation of the initiative. You will, among other things, work on:

  • Creating fellowship for GreenPact through partnerships.
  • Form partnerships to scale the project and ensure gearing of the funding.
  • Coordinate and strengthen cooperation and synergy between existing startup stakeholders at DTU.
  • Develop collaborative relationships to leading national and international universities and research institutions with a focus on ClimateTech.
  • Establishing and developing relations to researchers and other stakeholders at DTU with the focus of commercializing research.
  • Integrating with the Danish and international investor environment with a focus on ClimateTech and Technology Convergence investments.
  • Contribute to the establishment of the initiative and become a key player in the future operations, including the scaling of the project to every corner of the ecosystem in Denmark

Technical and commercial experience from venture or startup

There are countless approaches to this position, but you probably have heavy commercial and managerial experience from areas such as business development, startup companies, or Venture Capital. Since there will be a focus on value creation and business development of ClimateTech technologies, you probably have a technical educational background as an engineer or similar.

You are outgoing, structured, and able to execute on projects from start to finish. Most importantly, you are passionate and visionary and can create companionship that induce both internal and external stakeholders to buy into this vital vision.

Who are we?

We are experienced people who bring both technological, business development and commercial capabilities to the table and we all have opinions about the world and society. We get up every morning to make a difference – and we mean it. We share the desire and willingness to inspire the business community, academic environments, the venture market, and other stakeholders in the Danish ecosystem to engage in the goal of creating a positive impact. In other words, we are not afraid to fight a little extra hard for what we believe in. We want to make what many people think is impossible, possible.

Application and additional information

The recruitment process takes place in collaboration with Brinch & Partners at Martin Bo Sørensen, Partner.

If you want to know more about this amazing opportunity, please feel free to contact either:

  • Martin Bo Sørensen from Brinch & Partners at +45 2784 7406 or via e-mail or
  • Christel Piron from PreSeed Ventures at +45 20 45 95 19 or via e-mail or
  • Mikkel Sørensen from DTU Skylab at +45 20 78 73 17 or via e-mail

We look forward to meeting you and your driving force to create positive change – and therefore also to receive your application and your CV as soon as possible.

All inquiries and applications are treated confidentially.

Martin Bo Sørensen

+45 27847406