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Particle3D (P3D) is a Danish biomedical engineering company founded in 2017. The company is based on more than 3 years of research and is currently developing patient-fitted bone replacement implants from natural materials through 3D printing. The mission is to revolutionize the treatment of craniofacial patients by providing state of the art solutions that will optimize the value chain for health care professionals, the health care system and most importantly the patients. Benefits of the technology include better aesthetic and functional outcomes for the patients, faster recovery and fewer complications, less complicated surgery and higher hospital productivity. The company aims at setting new standards in craniofacial reconstruction and will play a major role in a market segment with a very interesting commercial potential. To ensure the success of this promising start up we are looking for a:

Chief Executive Officer

Life science – Start up – Operational

Business Development – Clinical tests – Strategy – Hands on
You will take over the overall responsibility of the company and will be working in close cooperation with the board of directors, the founders and other stakeholders. You will be building a commercially viable business model based on a very promising technology and several years of research. Your focus will include business development, clinical tests, project management, fundraising, stakeholder management, sales and operations. You will lead a small internal team and work together with several external consultants and partners.
One of the first major objectives will be to create a go-to-market strategy as well as making sure that the clinical tests are executed as planned. The company is aiming for an international market launch for the first product within a short time frame and the research supports the probability of a broader product pipeline based on the same core technology. There is a significant commercial potential for these products.

This job gives you the opportunity to work both on a strategic level but at the same time it requires a hands-on operational approach – making sure that the transformation from research to market is successful. The company has just received additional funding and an equity program can be part of the remuneration package.

Your background
Most likely you have an educational and commercial background within the life science industry. You can have gained relevant experience in the industry as a commercial product manager, in business development, operations, medical affairs or general management. You are a natural leader and have a proven track record combining your commercial profile with knowledge and insights into clinical tests. You are motivated by this unique opportunity to take this early stage start up to the next level and achieve long term strategic goals.

Application and Contact
The hiring process will be conducted in cooperation with Brinch & Partners. If you would like to know more about the position, please contact Research Consultant Joachim Bybjerg Præstmark +45 31481595 or Partner Martin Bo Sørensen +45 2784 7406.

We look forward to receiving your cover letter and resumé. In order to apply for the job, use the “Søg Stilling” option above.

You can also find additional information at

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